March 20 -- State MathCounts is here - Sessions Cancelled.

by Danny O'Donnell 19. March 2014 14:09

Some of our students will be competing in the 2014 Florida State MathCounts finals on Thursday.    Both Fairview and Deerlake Middle Schools are competing for the team title, and ten of our local mathematicians will compete for the individual title.  We will be attending the finals with Graham so our sessions will not be held this week. 

We look forward to seeing everyone next week.  Good luck to all at MathCounts!




Sessions Cancelled

by Lori O'Donnell 27. February 2014 16:21

The February 27 Sessions of MathGenius have been cancelled!!!


Counting - Permutations, Combinations, Pascal's Triangle

by Danny O'Donnell 14. October 2013 17:47

On the 10th, the middle school group worked on the 1996 AJHSME homework.  One of the later problems used combinations for the solution.  As it was clear the students had not seen this before, Graham and I worked through permutation examples before moving on to combinations. After the students did a few examples, we then showed them Pascal's triangle and the relationship between the combination formula and the triangle.  I was very impressed by the student's enthusiasm when they saw the connection.


New Year Starts Off Well

by Danny O'Donnell 6. October 2013 07:12

In our first middle school session, we covered the pigeonhole principle.  We worked together on a worksheet that the students were expected to complete at home.   

Homework for next session is to have the students complete the 1996 American High School Math Exam. We will go over this in the next session (10/9).


The elementary students were very excited and full of enthusiasm.  We had a great session on the conversion of fractions, decimals, and percents.  They learned how to use reciprocals, convert repeating decimals to fractions and learned the common fractions with denominators 7,8,9, and 11.  Our favorite is the magic number 142857.

Homework for next session is for the students to complete the 1991-92 Grade 6 Math League test.


Elementary Session This Week

by Lori O'Donnell 1. October 2013 13:32

October 3

Elementary Level


Country Inn and Suites

Corner of Walden and Mahan

6:00 – 7:30


New Sessions Scheduled!

by Lori O'Donnell 20. September 2013 13:09


September 26

Middle School Level


Country Inn and Suites

Corner of Walden and Mahan

6:30 – 8:00


AMC 10 Workshop

by Lori O'Donnell 17. July 2013 07:28


AMC 10 Workshop



Saturday, July 20

11:30 – 4:30

Pedrick Road Library



Designed for Middle and High School Students

Who Would Like to Improve Their AMC Scores



Space is Limited




     or 668-9666

                                             to register or for further information


Middle School Session Cancelled Today

by Lori O'Donnell 9. May 2013 07:22

We will be attending the National Mathcounts finals in Washington, DC this weekend.


The 2013 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition is partnering with ESPN to distribute live coverage of the event. The Countdown Round takes place Friday, May 10, at 3:30 p.m. EDT. It will be carried live exclusively on at


We will have our regularly scheduled session next Thursday at 6:00.



by Lori O'Donnell 27. March 2013 08:20

The Florida Engineering Society held the 30th Annual State Competition in Orlando, Florida at the DoubleTree by Hilton at the Entrance to Universal Orlando.  Over 250 Mathletes® competed as individuals or as part of a team; 46 teams competed for first place; and over 65 coaches trained Mathletes® for the big day.  Volunteers from around the State of Florida (many FES members) volunteered their time to make this day memorable and exciting for the Mathletes®.     

 After three rounds of morning testing (Sprint, Target and Team) and two afternoon testing rounds (Ciphering and Countdown), the winners were determined.  The first place team award went to Fairview Middle School (Tallahassee, FL).  Their coach Terry King will advance as the coach at the national competition May 9-12 in Washington, DC.  The top four Mathletes who will become a team and also represent Florida at the National Competition are:


 1st Place - Graham O'Donnell, Fairview Middle School, Tallahassee, FL

2nd Place - Brian Reinhart,  The Weiss School, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

3rd Place - Wonmyeong Cho, Louis Benito Middle School, Tampa, FL

4th Place - Jimmy Qin, Sanford Middle School, Lake Mary, FL 


MathCounts Champs!

by Lori O'Donnell 10. February 2013 07:56

Graham O'Donnell, a 7th grader in the Fairview IB Prep program and co-founder of MathGenius, has won the Middle School MathCounts competition for the second year in the row.  Graham went into the final, or Countdown, round of the competition in first place after the morning's written exams.  He was able to hold on to the first place position by besting John Park of Montford Middle School in an exciting head to head battle.

Graham was also on the Fairview Mathcounts Team, which took first place in the team division.  Other members of the team are:  Carson Jones, Aditya Hota, Jasmin Zou and Brian Cao.

The Team and Individual winners will now move on the the State MathCounts Competition which will be held in Orlando on March 15.

The MATHCOUNTS Competition Program is a national middle school coaching and competitive mathematics program that promotes mathematics achievement through a series of fun and engaging "bee" style contests.  The program exists in all 50 states plus U.S. territories and the Department of Defense and State Department schools.





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